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Retirement Planning

Retiring Wealthy is the most desired aspects of Retirement Planning. Thanks to the advances in modern science, the average life expectancy is continuously increasing. Changing trends show that the non-working life of an individual can be longer than his working life. While the social security systems in developed countries have evolved, the one in our country is vir tually non-existent. Joint families, which inherently provided such security, are increasingly being replaced by 'nuclear families'. With increasingly stressful life every one wants to retire early but this requires right planning.
For a 25 year old who needs Rs.30000 per month today to run his household would require Rs. 1.28 lacs per month after 25 years if inflation is assumed at 6%. This comes to Rs.15.45 lacs per annum. Now if one assumes to earn 10% return post retirement, he needs Rs.1.55 crores just to meet his monthly household expenses.

Monthly Expense Rate of Inflat ion No of yrs for retirement Future Value
Rs. 30000/- 6% 25 Rs. 1.28 lacs

You need to plan for retirement because:
  • Traditional avenue of savings are not sufficient to meet retirementexpenses.
  • Rising cost of living.
  • With higher life expectancy you need to provide for around 30 years of your retired life.
  • Not all of us are covered under pension schemes.
  • No social security system in India like in the USA.

Marriage Planning

Marriage Expenses:
In a country like India with myriad customs and traditions, marriages are lifetime events and could come at considerable cost, as it is every parents wish to make this special event memorable and grand. With the rising income levels, lifestyle & aspirations marriages have become grand events with very high expenses.

Let's take a look at what a typical marriage would cost in days to come.
Average cost today (assumed) - Rs. 7,00,000
5 years later it could cost - Rs. 9,36,758
10 years later - Rs. 12,53,593
15 years later - Rs. 16,77,591
20 years later - Rs. 22,44,995
(Increase in cost anticipated at 6% p.a.)

(Inflation is assumed at 6% per annum.)
Marriage expenses are going to rise continuously in the coming years with rising aspirations, income level and change in trends. An average cost of marriage that is roughly around Rs.7 lacs today can rise to Rs. 12.5 lacs in ten years time.